1. I am trained and experienced in teaching English as a foreign language, but I am also experienced in working with native English speakers and people with specific learning needs such as dyslexia.
  2. I am experienced working with people affected by anxiety, depression and other issues that have an impact on confidence ** (Please see below).
  3. You can work with me on one piece of work, throughout a whole project/course, or as part of ongoing development.
  4. You can hire me for one session, for a course of sessions, or for repeated courses of sessions.
  5. My specialities are: academic writing; screenwriting; journal writing (for personal development); entrepreneurial writing; and professional writing.
  6. I provide proofreading services for those that have finished their work and just need a final pair of professional eyes.
  7. I offer courses for groups which focus on key aspects of writing or personal development: these can be booked by colleges, universities, workplaces or community organisations and will be specifically tailored to the group.
    **I am not a trained counsellor, and should the need become apparent, I would suggest the client seek professional counselling services. However, my mentoring is informed by many years as a support worker (with students, with young people and with homeless people) as well as personal experience, and time spent managing staff and volunteers. I seek to take a compassionate and analytical approach in helping people address obstacles to achieving their goals.