Welcome to Unstruggling, a blog full of true stories about figuring out how to stay well and commit to my writing.

By well, I mean how to function day to day, earn a keep, look after my health, be kind to loved ones, contribute to society, that sort of thing.

Though I talk about writing, I hope these stories will resonate with anyone attempting to stay afloat while pursuing a creative endeavour.

I guess it is part memoir, part-self-help but, because our wellbeing is also affected by our place in society, the issues I’m exploring are also political.

There is a lot in here about self-care in a desire to reach out to people undergoing mental distress, but I also want to raise awareness about the social factors that prevent us from reaching our potential.

If you connect to anything you find here, let me know, it will make me happy.

Thanks for reading,