Here are some of the beings that feature in my blog. They are all real but I have mostly used pseudonyms (except where I have permission otherwise).

Lynsey and Sharon: Two great women supporting me on The Able Futures Programme.

Mexa: The codename I have given to my counsellor (for confidentiality). It stands for ‘My Excellent Therapist’ and I am very lucky to have access to her via my employer.

ML : My Loved One. She has my been lovely lady life partner for over two decades.

Sefi, short for Serafina: Our little bengal cat, the love of our lives. We have 101 affectionate names for her. Like Sefi Soul Saviour, Sefi-Soo, Sefarini…

The Artist: One of my three siblings. We live close together and she is my creative collaborator and so, so, so much more.

Sara: My sister’s wife and a very special friend of many years.