The people I work with are smart, creative and interesting but each has a unique reason for needing temporary focused guidance: this may be related to a life stage or goal; to personal or professional circumstances; or to a particular issue or condition.

Some are looking for more technical writing instruction; some for a better writing process; some to be supported and encouraged throughout a particular transition.

My criteria is that I believe I have something to offer you and that we can work well together. However, here are some examples of people I have worked with:

  • People who would like to brush up on their grammar and increase their writing skills  for personal, professional or creative purposes
  • Students who want to improve their essay-writing
  • Course leaders who want to arrange writing sessions for their students
  • Arts students/graduates who would like to improve their professional artist statements
  • People whose job includes lots of writing and they would like to express themselves more concisely and effectively.
  • People who lack confidence in their writing for reasons such as: English not being their first language; having dyslexia; not having received much grammar education.
  • People suffering with anxiety and self-doubt (most of us at some time, surely!).
  • People who write fairly well but would like to do it even better!
  • People who want to try a new form of writing; for e.g. screenwriting

Feel free to contact me with your own unique motivation for wanting to improve or transform your writing and progress your cherished goals in life.