Week 1, Day 2: Can Cats Count?

7.00 am: Breakfast: We’ve cleared the table of mail, keys, phones and glasses cases so that we eat in proper dining position at least once a day. Too many meals on laps on the sofa is not good. Table-breakfast together definitely beats default early morning news scrolling. (Even if I am somewhat misophonic and have to put the radio on to drown out the crunching of toast lest I be gripped by inexplicable fury).

Corona chat: Sefi jumps into the ball pit ML has constructed for her from the inner tubes of toilet rolls. ML asks “Can cats count?” She says Sefi watched her hide four chicken treats in there and wonders if she knows how many to look for. I say I think she would understand visually but wouldn’t conceptualise it as the number 4.

8.00 am: My first Zoom Meditation. My teacher’s lovely face appears large on the screen and she guides us through an hour’s practice. I can’t see the other participants but I know they are there. Half-way through Sefi announces herself into the room. Luckily, with a soft melodic mew rather than a bengal roar. I catch a hint of a smile on my teacher’s lips. At the end 4 or 5 disparate thank-yous drift into audio. Here we all are, trying to do something good. (Winning at lockdown?)

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