Week 7, Day 46: How did our cat do that?

I’m woken by Sefi mewing to me from the tiny space between the ceiling and a box on the shelf above my wardrobe. I have no idea how she could have got there.

Sefi, in all her Bengal-ness, adores climbing and often defies the laws of physics. A quick flick of her eyes upwards is all it takes to make a vertical leap effortless.

But this morning she would have had to take an 8-foot standing jump from the floor and change direction mid-air; we’re talking Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon here.

I tend to emerge from the night horribly in my head, even on good days; I am not naturally pessimistic, it’s a hard-wired childhood hangover. So to wake laughing in amazement at our beloved animal’s latest antics is A Very Good Way to start my day.

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