Squeals and kisses.

Listen here: https://otter.ai/u/loch_TUXinE75NX9fu8QeyI3yOo

I should probably apologise for posting this – as it’s mainly me repeatedly kissing the top of Sefi’s head, which is arguably quite a yucky sound. However, if you listen very carefully, in between you can hear tiny little squeals. I’ve shared it so that over time I can capture the full range of Sefi’s vocalisations – ranging from full Bengal yelling to tiny kitten squeaks – because we love the complexity of her character, and how much she communicates with us.

P.S. Excuse the dead air at the end – I’m still using the free version of the app so I can’t cut the recording early, but I’m really trying to forget perfectionism at the moment and allow myself to experiment.