Brokeback diaries: Prologue: Channeling Frida (Not Walking).

On March 17th I fell from a height. Landed on my back. Broke a vertebrae. (I will tell you the story soon.)

I am writing this flat on my back.
Took this self-portrait flat on my back.
Before I got a Spinal Brace (There’s a story there to tell too).

I will be confined for a while.

But my brain feels sharp and I don’t want to waste this clarity.

ML rigged up this iPad right above my head; I can reach up and type, record, photograph. All without stressing my spine.

But fatigue will set in quickly.

I’ll have to work in brief bursts.

Catch the wave before it subsides.

I will experiment with the restriction.

Take my Frida Kahlo moment.

#unstruggling #creativity #brokenotbroken

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