What if you had a personal mentor who would support you to pursue what you really want? What if this meant that you could…

  *get work you love?     *sell your art or skills?  *finish your thesis?                                       *make that transition you’ve been dreaming of?                                                                    *finally create a you-shaped life?  

I’m Rachel Wilson and I help people achieve cherished goals by offering a compassionate, non-judgemental, friendly space in which you can focus, increase your confidence and sense of purpose and create useful habits.

If you work with me 1-1, I will:

  1. help you to work out what shape you want your life to be
  2. help you to decide what you need to do (or not do!) to make this a reality.
  3. give you support and guidance through your period of transition and help you address potential obstacles.

Note: If your project involves writing, I can also help increase your chances of success by coaching you to write well for your purpose, be it academic,  entrepreneurial professional  or personal.

If you live in Cardiff, Wales,  you can work with me face to face. For others online or telephone coaching may be arranged. Please note I am experienced working with speakers of other languages as well as native English speakers.

Want to discuss possibilities? Email me for a free consultation. 

Want to know more first? 

 Courses can be booked for groups and organisations: look here.

Determined to pursue what matters to you? Arrange a free consultation!



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