Creating without waiting: How to write when fatigued.

Hello there, it’s been months. But today I am experimenting with voice to text to see if I can find a way to still blog while managing a long term health condition. This has come out of a ‘challenge’ Mexa (my therapist) gave me this morning. Ha, Ha challenge, not homework, because the latter will lead to me not doing it and then judging myself for not doing it!

As I can only work in short bursts, the idea was to speak thoughts into an app and use the transcriptions as the basis for posts with minimal editing. But I thought I’d take it a step further and post the actual recording. This means it is (a) not edited at all and (b) I am sharing my actual voice! Not comfortable! But hey, maybe it might be liberating, so here goes:

The link below takes you to the transcript and the recording. (Let me know if it doesn’t.) It’s just 1-minute to trial the free version of the Otter app.

Unstruggling Audio no 1:

PS. The next recording will be a brief conversation with Sefi.

Thanks for reading/listening, Rachel

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