Sefi Soul Saviour safe, sound and right here.

Ha, ha, what did I say earlier about being minimal when fatigued? It’s just I couldn’t resist the urge to also share this photo of Sefi resting with me today. Or the urge for a few lines telling about how, apart from my sleep-deprivation, we’re both recovering from the ordeal of getting her to the vets yesterday.

It upsets me and ML so much – Sefi’s yowling distress at being cornered and captured. We’ve watched all the videos of supposedly difficult (but clearly passive) cats being coaxed into carriers. Used every technique, but Sefi won’t be tricked into anything, be it basket, crate or rucksack.

Truth be told, I habitually avoid things I don’t like doing. But Sefi’s our world, and our responsibility so this annual trip to the cat clinic for her booster is non-negotiable. After our usual failed attempts, ML enlisted the help of a fantastic friend who skillfully but compassionately persisted until the dastardly deed was done.

We were beyond grateful and proudly lapped up the vet’s praise of what wonderful health Sefi is in and that (even in her post-car journey distress) it’s clear she is a happy cat.

May she stay that way for another year. And forever!

Right, ok Rachel, stop now. Am supposed to be resting or else over-stimulation will keep me awake all tonight as well.

Speak soon. xx

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