Week 2, Day 8: Pancakes in the Park.

Another last..last day of meeting The Artist for breakfast in the park. We can’t really do this again till lockdown lifts. It is my turn to take food today and I choose pancakes. I get up early and make the batter using gluten-free flour for her. I fry them up them and ML helps me wrap them in foil, like burritos, to keep them warm and make them easy to eat without touching anything. I’ve remembered what The Artist has when she goes to the French Creperie near her house – butter, maple syrup and lemon juice – and replicate it (though with vegan butter). I also stuff another with chocolate spread and slices of banana, with two extra for myself. I cycle to the park where she is waiting for me by the bandstand. It’s bright but biting this morning. I hand her the goodies with gloved hands and she loves unwrapping them. We have coffee too. I have brought an enamel mug for mine and a small blonde boy spots us, alerts his Mum. We look suspicious I guess. Although not as much as the guy circling the path and shouting into the air We keep an eye on him as we walk and talk. We wonder how people already on the edge are going to handle this lockdown.

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