Week 2, Day 10: Just when I think…

After feeling really shitty yesterday, I slept properly last night (hooray) which gave me a reset. Feeling well meant I could do all these things today (Double hooray):

  1. Yoga with Adriene –  the best flipping person on the internet, and her dog Benjy hangs around in the frame.
  2. Breakfast properly at the table  – reading The Observer Arts Supplements (fantasising about being featured).
  3. A Nice Bath – including conditioning my lockdown-hair (a now very grown-out undercut whose style destination is worrying ML – “I’ll cut it” she says. Me: “No, you don’t cut hair.” Her:  “I’ll learn a new skill.”)
  4. Walk in sunny fields with ML, making sure to stroll under the raspberry-coloured blossom trees (keeping to SD rule obvs).
  5. Video call to our friend Gianni in Rome. He says we still have the naive optimism of early shutdown. Italy has been a month and is stricter: his body clock is shot, he’s eating and sleeping at strange times and doing nothing on his ‘to do’ list.
  6. Email students from school -giving feedback to LGBTQ pupils doing creative writing and touching base with 6th form Autism Base students, who I miss so much.
  7. Blog writing – in the attic – with Sefi, as always, in the chair next to me.
  8. Cook proper meal – spicy green lentils and rice since you asked.
  9. Watch Masterchef – cos it’s pure comfort viewing except that I have to look away every time there is butchery involved (often unfortunately, followed by serving up of bloody flesh).
  10. Meditation – I do this every night, often in the garden with Sefi running out after me, silhouetted in the moonlight as she leaps up onto the rooves.


Number 11. Staying a-freaking-wake for the night – “Just when I think I’m winning…” (David Sylvian). This was not on my to do list.   

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